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Tyellas' Fanfiction

Genfic -Standalone and miscellaneous Tolkien fanfiction stories by Tyellas. "Genfic" is a fanfic term for "general fiction." 

Het - Tolkien fanfiction that explores women and men. These stories are mostly Silmarillion-based because that's where the women are, in Tolkien's writings.

Slash - Tolkien slash fanfiction.  It is adult, rated R or higher, and not for the easily shocked or homophobic.

Award Winners - Stories and series that have won fanfiction awards.


Also, Some Definitions

You may be new to fanfiction and wondering what all the subdivisions mean. Fanfiction often has a reader rating, like a movie, and may have warnings for violence or other unsettling content. This is important from Tolkien fanficiton, where the subject matter can range from a happy hobbit picnic to dying orcs.

Fanfiction = Writing based on another author's creative works, be they film, TV, or novels. Fanfiction is subject to some debate in the Tolkien fandom, because Tolkien made some statements that could be interpreted as his approval of fanfiction based on his Middle-Earth universe.

Genfic = "General Audience fiction." A story that has a G to PG-15 rating and often explores issues and character interactions that aren't romantic.

Het = Heterosexual fanficiton. A story that explores romance and possibly sensuality between a man or a woman.

Slash = Homosexual fanfiction. A story that explores romance/sensuality between two men, or two women. "Slash" got its name from its origin in Star Trek fanfiction, where stories pairing up Kirk and Spock were labeled as Kirk/Spock - the dividing slash gave its name to the fan genre.

Canon = Facts about Middle-Earth established directly from either Tolkien's writings or the Lord of the Rings movies. As an example, it is canon that Aragorn loves and marries Arwen.

Fanon = Ideas and imaginings about Middle-Earth that have become widely popular amongst fans, especially fans who are reading specific types of fanfiction.

AU or "alternate universe" = Fanfiction that imagines a universe that is different from the main "canon" universe, although based on it. This can be an exploration of a "what if", a minor divergence that changes the universe's mores, like "ansereg", or a major leap of imagination, such as vampire hobbits.

Darkfic = A story that has dark or unsettling elements. Lots of fanfiction is about good times and happy endings. Darkfic is not.

Crackfic = A story, usually a humorous one, that is so wierd that even the author admits that they were mentally deranged/"on crack" when they wrote it. I consider my satirical tale Elf Slash Sarcasm to be crackfic.


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