Gates of Steel: Maeglin Stories

This is a loosely linked story arc exploring the Silmarillion character of Maeglin. Tolkien described tall, dark, handsome Maeglin as "an elf of evil mind and temper, with a lust and a grudge of his own to satisfy..."

Many of these fanfic stories, while close to Tolkien canon, are NC-17 DARKFIC and have SERIOUS WARNINGS. Some readers may find these stories extreme and disturbing. Please read the warnings and proceed with caution.


The  Stories

The Thrall of Gondolin - Set in the Hidden City of Gondolin, featuring Maeglin in a tale of seduction, abuse, and betrayal. Warnings: Rated NC-17,  slash, graphic sex, heavy BDSM, incest discussion, character death.

Anguirel -  The prequel to the story above. Treachery of kin unto kin underlines Maeglin's escape from Nan Elmoth in this Eöl/Maeglin tale.  Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, bondage and discipline, incest, graphic sex of questionable consent, character deaths, and Freudian swords.

Shields - A vignette featuring Maeglin toying with one of the elf-smiths of Gondolin after the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, mild BDSM. 

The Third Way - Maeglin decides to relieve some of his tension about Idril - in a way that will get rid of the evidence. But matters don't go entirely as planned. Warnings: Rated NC-17, het, rape, graphic sex, violence.

Pride of Place - "Maeglin looked at Tuor in fascination. 'So,' he said, 'you used to be a slave?'". An evening of Maeglin's toyings at the peak of his power in Gondolin. Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, BDSM with EXTRA warning.

Chains of Anghabar  - Glorfindel, purest and best of the Elves of Gondolin, clashes with the lusts and grudges of Maeglin and is blackmailed into a tainted encounter. Something breaks for both of them by the time they're through. Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex of questionable consent,  BDSM. 

Interrogations - Maeglin betrays Gondolin to Morgoth, then reconciles himself to his betrayal. Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, BDSM with EXTRA warning. rape story with a few twists!



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