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This web site presents Tolkien fan fiction and fan writings by Tyellas, that's me, along with mathoms and Tolkien-related links. Nothing on this site is intended for children, and only the Genfic and Essays page should be read by readers under 18. Nor are this website and its fan writings meant to infringe on the copyrights of the Tolkien estate. 

This fan writing includes essays about Tolkien's Middle-Earth and fanfiction. Most of my fanfiction is book-based, i.e., drawn from the  expanses of Tolkien's fiction about Middle-Earth. I do use book-compatible visual and text references from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Most of the fanfiction here deals fairly frankly with sexuality in one form or another. "Sexifying Tolkien? Isn't that disgusting and disrespectful?" Well - maybe. One nonfiction piece I wrote,What Tolkien Officially Said About Elf Sex, has been a fascinating barometer of fan interest in what the Good Professor did have to say on the subject. Some people have read Elf Sex and seen it as an inspiration for slash stories, or het stories, and other people have seen it as a manifesto against exactly that kind of story. The tremendous interest led to me writing a second essay on the subject, Warm Beds are Good. The end part of my essay has some of my thoughts on the fan phenomenon of adding sexuality to Tolkien's world.

Having these nonfiction pieces about sex in Tolkien posted, I've received some fascinating correspondence. Readers have confessed that they have always wondered about the elves-and-sex thing. Others have said that…

  • They have taken Tolkien's ideals for marriage as guidelines for their own lives

  • They don't understand why lots of fan writers depict Legolas as a passive homosexual

  • The site is informative overall, if "too gay"

  • They always wondered if all the single kings mentioned in The Silmarillion had mistresses or concubines

  • They had debated whether BDSM was probable in Middle-Earth

  • They thought that Galadriel's desire for the One Ring was sexualized

  • And, my favorite, "your site is very educational."

  • About me? I'm a lifelong Tolkien fan who now lives in New Zealand. I always enjoyed The Silmarillion and Tolkien's other backstory writings as much as Lord of the Rings, and my fan writing reflects this. The Internet always amuses me, I'm difficult to shock, and considerate of peoples' questions, as long as you don't ask me to beta read anything.

    Life goes on, things change, and since 2007 this site has mostly been an archive as I pursued other interests. In 2009, with The Hobbit movies officially beginning production, I gave this site a very overdue facelift, and am looking forwards to seeing what happens next with the fandom.


    I enjoy correspondence and feedback. You can email me here.



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