One Ring to Bind Them

by Tyellas

An adult Tolkien fanfic pairing Celebrimbor and -- Sauron in fair form. A telling of how, in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, Sauron once seduced the Elves, the making of the Rings of Power, and the downfall of Eregion.

Winner of the Voter's Choice for Best Silmarillion, and runner up for judged Best Silmarillion, in the 2003 Mithril Awards.


Series Warnings: Rated NC-17. This series darkens as it progresses. It includes graphic sex, slash (male/male) eroticism, consensual BDSM, violence, torture, and character deaths.


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Part Zero: The Fairest - In the heart of the Sammath Naur, the Chambers of Fire, Sauron becomes accustomed to wearing a body again and lays down his strategy for winning Middle-Earth.

Prologue: The Elessar - Celebrimbor completes a gem called the Elessar using what mortals call Magic and Desire, and the reader enters the Second Age of Middle-Earth.

Part One: The Fellowship of the Jewel-Smiths - Politics and distractions interfere with Gil-Galad's message to Eregion. Sauron in fair form, seeking to deceive, undergoes the initiation of the elven-smiths of Eregion at Celebrimbor's hands.

Part Two: Coupled Power - Galadriel returns to Eregion, Sauron speaks to Celebrimbor of Rings of Power, Celeborn is tolerant, Pengolod is vexed, Aranwë is tempted, Sauron is inspired and revulsed, and Celebrimbor shows why his name means The Silver-Fisted.

Part Three: The Center Cannot Hold - Sauron finds that, in rape and in rebellion, Celebrimbor can only be incited so far. A modest rebellion has unexpected results, Sauron surrenders the last knowledge needed for the Ring-Making, and counsels are requested by Elrond in Lindon.

Part Four: One Ring to Bring Them All - The Elven-Rings are completed, an errand-rider finds that the third time is the charm, Sauron makes the One Ring, then returns to Celebrimbor for a surpassing encounter.

Part Five: They Knew Themselves Betrayed - Celebrimbor copes with the knowledge of Sauron's betrayal, the threat of war brings some together and splits others apart, Sauron and Celebrimbor's final confrontation, and who survives to make it to the valley of the riven dell. Also, the Epilogue.

Series Notes - Character bio links, more Second Age of Middle-Earth background information and author comments.

.PDF Format Novella

One Ring To Bind Them In .PDF - This entire series is collected into a .PDF format novella, for your offline reading pleasure. Clicking on the link downloads a .ZIP file that contains the .PDF document. ( 830 KB)



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Of the Laws of Ansereg - An exploration of the author's AU idea of consensual elvish BDSM, a concept that is part of this series. Based on Tolkien canon. Rated R.

Laws and Customs - Related slash vignette. Aranwë reads something Pengolod has written, and Pengolod has some explaining to do. Rated PG-15.