Infrequently Asked Questions About This Site

When the Tolkien fandom was livelier I used to get asked these things once in a while...


Why are some of your essays only in .PDF format? And why can't I print them?

Tney are in .PDF format to make it more difficult for lazy students to plagarize them. It is set in a format that cannot be printed for the same reason. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience, but I really don't want them abused.


What kind of loser would spend all that time to put together "What Tolkien Officially Said About Elf Sex?"

Somebody who had a spare hour and who thought "Teleporno" was pretty funny. That's how long the first draft took, an hour. It's been expanded here and there as time went on, and it still gets a fair amount of web traffic.


Is ansereg a concept in Tolkien canon?

No, but I'm flattered that three people have asked. The idea of ansereg, consensual Elvish BDSM, is an "alternative universe" concept, based on a "what if?" idea extrapolated from Tolkien canon. 


Is ansereg part of "fanon"?

Uh...maybe? "Fanon" is an idea about part of Tolkien canon that fans have developed more than Tolkien did. An example of this idea is that of the "fords of Tharbad" being a rough kind of town. Fanon ideas are shared by many fans. Ansereg is my own AU, or alternative universe, interpretation. Please do not plagarize this. It is considered bad fanfiction manners. There used to be a web-based Ansereg role playing game that had my permission. There's also a World of Warcraft group that calls themselves "Ansereg" and I have no idea if there's any connection.


What does 'ansereg' mean in Elvish?

It's supposed to mean "iron blood". In 2006, I got a detailed email from a fan linguist who told me that I had got it wrong, and the correct version was something different. Ooops.


Will you ever write any Aragorn/Legolas slash?

I already have. It is in a story that is a parody of elf-slash fanfiction. You can read it here.


Will you beta read my story?

With all due respect to people who've asked in the past, no. I don't have time, and I don't feel like I'm a very good beta reader. I do encourage everyone to write their own stories.


Can you link to my site/story on one of your pages?

Maybe. This is entirely subject to my personal taste. I have had third parties say, "Hey, you recommended X and I didn't like it."  


Will you post my adult Tolkien fanfiction story here at your site?

This is a single-author web site, so the answer to that is no. Again, the Links page has archive sites where you can post your story, even your extreme NC-17 het darkfic.


Why didn't you post anything for eons?

Yeah, my fandom involvement fell off after 2006. Life happens, y'know? I honestly don't know if I'll ever write LOTR fanfiction again. But I'm still involved in the fan community, so in 2009 I freshened up the site and added some new essays.


You may have noticed a theme in my answers by now, in that most of them are "no" or "maybe." It's nothing personal, just some changes in my focus since this site began in 2001, and its most active period up to 2005.


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