Award Winners

Some of my fan writing was honored with fan writing awards. Here's a list of the pieces that won.

Warm Beds Are Good: Sex and Libido in Tolkien's Writing  - An attempt at a scholarly analysis of sex in Tolkien. Rated PG. Winner of the 2003 Mithril Awards - Best Critical Essay, and published in Mallorn, journal of the Tolkien Society.

The Unnatural History of Tolkien's Orcs - All about orcs in Middle-Earth, and why Tolkien's concept of orcs escaped to conquer the rest of the fantasy-writing world. Winner of the 2004 Mithril Awards - Best Critical Essay.

Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod - Silmarillion-Based. In the Second Age, an elf-man on his way to Tol Eresseä gets off the boat in Númenor during the reign of Tar-Minastir. Enjoying Númenor at its zenith, he lingers in Rómenna for a time, tells some stories, and exacerbates inter-racial tension between mortals and elves, high and low, while exploring friendship, love, and partings. Rated PG. Novel length. Won Best Silmarillion in the 2005 Mithril Awards and was also one of two winners of the Best Drama award that year.

The Prince - Silmarillion-Based. The day after Tuor comes to Gondolin, Maeglin uses his princely privileges to ensure that the tidings Tuor brings will be ignored. An ensemble piece with Idril, Turgon, Tuor, Voronwë, Aranwë, Salgant, Ecthelion, and Pengolod. Winner of the Best Characterization Mithril Award in 2004.

Quickening - Someone who is brave and true, if no longer fair, wins the affections of a dashing young rake of Rohan. It's a beautiful springtime romance in Middle-Earth...okay, they're horses...Light and humorous, written for a Mary-Sue challenge.  Rated PG-15, het, naughtiness, OFH (as in original female horse). Winner of the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Award for Best Romance in 2004 and Runner-Up for Best Het at the 2004 Mithril Awards.

One Ring to Bind Them - Set in Eregion, it describes how Sauron once seduced the Elves, the making of the Rings of Power, and the downfall of Eregion. Rated NC-17 for slash, BDSM, and battle violence. In the 2003 Mithril Awards, this won  Voter's Choice - Best Silmarillion and was Runner-Up for Best Drama and Best Silmarillion.


I've also been lucky enough to be honored in the fun Galvorn Awards for Silmarillion fanfiction - click here to see the list of all the winners!