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This page collects my slash fanfiction.  It is adult, rated R or higher, and not for the easily shocked or "Ansereg" - image by H. Hoover. From a zine cover commission.homophobic.

Lord of the Rings Based

Elf Slash Sarcasm - A parody of elf-slash themed Tolkien fanfiction, featuring Elvish ways, Elrond's weakness, Boromir's breeches, hot Legolas/Aragorn action, and lots of fragrant alabaster skin. Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, and some deliberately awful writing.

Birch and Thorn - Elrond and Legolas get into hot water and cold steel. Rated NC-17, BDSM, slash.

Knives in the Dark - Legolas versus Haldir in the woods of Lothlorien. A matter of honor is resolved. Rated NC-17, BDSM, slash.

Talking Politics - Legolas and Haldir discuss power and fealty. Rated NC-17, mild BDSM, slash.

Praise the Birch - Legolas and Haldir tryst again, this time in the woods of Fangorn, so that Haldir may learn more of ansereg, and they both may learn what the living trees of Fangorn think of the matter. Rated NC-17, mild BDSM, slash.

Desiring a Body - A sensual ghost story from the heart of Tolkien canon. Fearless Legolas is seduced into communion with one of the Houseless Ones - and such spirits crave bodies. Warnings: Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, dark themes. 

Lindon Night - A lighthearted slash piece in which a callow young Elrohir hits it off with someone... unexpected. Rated NC-17, slash.

Fire and Flail - Glorfindel, stricken by memory on his return to Middle-earth, seeks an elvish consolation, that of ansereg, and finds its givers more generous than he expects. A piece firmly within the Rivendell Elf Slash genre.

Like Old Times - After a run-in with some nasty cruel elves, the orcs Shagrat and Gorbag make a few decisions. A ragged slice of orc life. Warnings: Extra Squicky! Rated NC-17, violence, graphic sex, grotesqueness and raw language - these are orcs.

SERIES: Star-Crossed - Novella Length. A 12-part slash romance with just one catch, featuring Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond.


Silmarillion Based

Terrible Alchemy- The tale of how Sauron, in the primeval times of Middle-earth, came to ally himself to Melkor. A geological slash fantasia! Rated NC-17, slash, BDSM, graphic sex.

Blood to Iron - The origin story for "Ansereg AU" slash, featuring Fingon and Maedhros. Rated NC-17, slash, BDSM, sex, angst.

Of Secrets Kept - A short piece in which Turgon finds some consolation for his griefs in a friend's company. Rated NC-17, graphic sex, slash and het elements - not a story for het-phobes.

Thrice for Honor -  Young Elrond's first experiences with warrior's ways, at the hands of Erestor; amongst the followers of the Sons of Fëanor; and the hand of Maedhros. Prologue is rated R for violence. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are all rated NC-17 for BDSM and slash. In the 2003 Galvorn Awards for Silmarillion fanfiction, this story won a Finrod's Choice award.

Of the Laws of Ansereg - An explanation of ansereg, the author's AU concept of Elvish BDSM. Rated R.

The Sheltering Sands - A vignette of Elrond and Gil-Galad, a sweet encounter on the beaches of Lindon, a slash story in the form of a letter. Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex.

Laws and Customs - A vignette related to the series One Ring to Bind Them: a loremaster's essay on laws and customs among the Elves gets read by the wrong person, and the rights and wrongs of elvish libidos come under scrutiny. Rated PG-15, slash and bisexuality.

Intimate Rites - After the seige of Imladris in the Second Age, Gil-Galad and Elrond are reunited and renew their bond within the circle of ansereg. Rated NC-17, slash, graphic sex, mild BDSM.

SERIES: One Ring to Bind Them - Novella Length. The tale of the making of the Rings of Power, interlaced with intrigue and forbidden romance. Read the warnings!

SERIES: Gates of Steel. The making and downfall of Maeglin, smith of Gondolin. Read the warnings!





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