Adult/Het Fanfiction

This page collects my occasional het fanfiction, i.e., fanfiction that explores women and men. These stories are mostly Silmarillion-based because that's where the women are, in Tolkien's writings. 


Quickening - Someone who is brave and true, if no longer fair, wins the affections of a dashing young rake of Rohan. It's a beautiful springtime romance in Middle-Earth...okay, they're horses...Light and humorous, written for a Mary-Sue challenge.  Rated PG-15, het, naughtiness, OFH (as in original female horse). Winner of Runner-Up for Best Het at the 2004 Mithril Awards.

Bright and Dark - Silmarillion-Based. Even Galadriel was young once, and had her choice of lovers. Rated NC-17. Het, graphic sex. 

Cuivienyarna -  Silmarillion-Based. An encounter based on Tolkien's creation myths. Two of the first beings in Middle-Earth set out to search for more elves, and get very distracted - unaware that they too are hunted. Rated high R - low NC-17. Het, graphic sex. 

The Third Way - Silmarillion-Based. Maeglin decides to relieve some of his tension about Idril - in a way that will get rid of the evidence. But matters don't go entirely as planned. Warnings: DARKFIC. Rated NC-17, het, rape, graphic sex, violence, OFC.

Of Secrets Kept - A short piece in which Turgon finds some consolation for his griefs in a friend's company. Rated NC-17, graphic sex, slash and het elements - not a story for slash-phobes, but not a story for people who don't enjoy eroticising women.




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Perplexed at the paucity of pairings heterosexual? Perhaps my essay Warm Beds are Good will shed some light.

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