Varied General Fiction

Standalone and miscellaneous Tolkien fanfiction stories by Tyellas. "Genfic" is a fanfic term for "general fiction." 


Third Age/Lord of the Rings:

Lost in the Translation - Bilbo explains why there isn't any sex in Lord of the Rings. Now, if only we could get our hands on the Blue Book! Humor. Rated PG.

A Question of Breeding - Thirty years before the War of the Ring, Saruman summons the Sons of Elrond to ask for their counsel - about orcs. Radagast and Gandalf also have opinions. Rated PG-13.


Second Age:

Bread of the Mírdain - Silmarillion-Based. A vignette that looks at Elvish food, framed within a short story about Celeborn meeting Annatar in Eregion. A minor add-in to my series One Ring to Bind Them. One mild slash moment. Rated PG.

The Weregild - Silmarillion-Based. A vignette about how Sauron might have given one of the Dwarvish Rings of Power to a wary dwarf-king. Rated G.

Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod - Silmarillion-Based. In the Second Age, an elf-man on his way to Tol Eresseä gets off the boat in Númenor, lingers in Rómenna for a while, tells some stories, and exacerbates inter-racial tension between mortals and elves, high and low. Winner of the 2005 Mithril Awards for Best Silmarillion and Best Drama. Novel length, includes downloadable PDF.


First Age:

Idril's View - Silmarillion-Based. An hour in the life of Idril, lady of Gondolin, in the company of the loremaster Pengolod and, briefly, her cousin Maeglin. Rated PG.

The Prince - Silmarillion-Based. The day after Tuor comes to Gondolin, Maeglin uses his princely privileges to ensure that the tidings Tuor brings will be ignored. An ensemble piece with Idril, Turgon, Tuor, Voronwë, Aranwë, Salgant, Ecthelion, and Pengolod. Winner of the Best Characterization Mithril Award in 2004.

The Sting - Maeglin shows one good quality and makes an item all Tolkien fans will recognize. The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, LOTR, and film prop references. Rated PG.

Starlight - Silmarillion-Based. The camp of the sons of Fëanor as seen through the eyes of young Elrond, on an eventful night. Erestor, Maglor, and Maedhros also appear. Warnings:  Rated R for violence and mature themes. Prologue to a longer adult story, but can be read as a standalone.




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