Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod

Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod is fanfiction in homage not just to Tolkien's Cover art by Silke.Silmarillion, but to all the intricate notes in the "History of Middle-Earth" volumes. In 2005, this story won Best Silmarillion in the Mithril Awards for Tolkien fanfiction, and was one of two winners of the Best Drama award.

This story has also been translated into Chinese, with my approval - read the Chinese version here.


A brief synopsis: In the Second Age, an elf-man on his way to Tol Eresseä gets off the boat in Númenor during the reign of Tar-Minastir. Enjoying Númenor at its zenith, he lingers in Rómenna for a time, tells some stories, and exacerbates inter-racial tension between mortals and elves, high and low. This story is rated PG.


The Series

Prologue and Part 1: At the Sign of the Open Book- Our story begins. An incident in Tol Eresseä casts our protagonist back in memory to a day in the Second Age. On that day, Pengolod's quick walk around the docks of Rómenna leads to his meeting a mortal kindred spirit, then to a longer, nostalgic delay, and his reminisces of Nevrast.

Part 2: Romenna Days Pengolod is captivated by the mirth and troubles of day-to-day Rómenna as the city recovers from its recent, successful war. Upon request, Pengolod describes the events of his apprenticeship, including counsels with Turgon and a feast at Narogthrond. Historical cameos by: Turgon, Maedhros, and Voronwë.

Part 3: The Ship-Feast - At a boat-launching feast, Pengolod makes several startling acquaintances, including the Prince of Númenor, Ciryatan. Later, he describes the early years of Gondolin's settlement.

Part 4: The Erulaitalë - Pengolod recounts his first meeting with Maeglin, then goes to witness the midsummer rite of the Erulaitalë.

Part 5: Armenelos - After the Erulaitalë, Pengolod feels that the hospitality of the King, Tar-Minastir, is more than he deserves, and tells the tale of Húrin Thalion.  

Part 6: Uinen's Race - Pengolod arrives in Rómenna in time for one of the city’s famous boat races, Rothinzil refuses a small gift, and the mummers from the Ship-Feast return. The heady day recalls the courtship of Idril and Tuor.

Part 7: The Hall of Venturers - Pengolod and Aelfwine go to the Venturers’ Hall of Records in Rómenna, where they close in on what is and is not spoken of, and Pengolod compares his most famous work of writing to the actual event that inspired it; the Fall of Gondolin.

Part 8: The Fat Man's Tale - A dog-day afternoon leads to a confrontation between Pengolod and the Little King, Pengolod is asked a question he cannot answer, and he tells the tale of the mortal bard Dirhaval and the Third Kinslaying.

Part 9: The Tomb of Elros - Pengolod returns to Armenelos, learns of the preoccupations of Númenor's philosophers, and tells Tar-Minastir of Minastir's ancestor Elros and the War of Wrath.

Part 10: The Travellers' Wind - Pengolod returns to find Rómenna astir amidst changing times, and he attempts to recount the glories of Khazad-Dûm and Eregion to an enthused but challenging audience.

Part 11: The Sea-Bells - In a chaotic Romenna afternoon, confrontations take place and three questions are answered. The disruptions give Pengolod reasons to remember the Seige of Imladris, with Celebrian's kindness and Melpomaen's callowness.

Part 12: The Charivari - Pengolod's farewell is disrupted yet again, and our story ends where it began.


Author's Notes about this story: "MPQP, or, One for My HoME-ies"


PDF Download of the Entire Story, in printable book format, with a color cover of original art by the artist Silke.


Canonical Information: Pengolod and other loremasters in Tolkien canon are described at Chroniclers of Arda, and serious information about Tolkien linguistics can be found at the Elvish Linguistics Fellowship.


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Mithril Award 2005 Best Silmarillion


Mithril Award 2005 Co-Winner for Best Drama


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