News and Views Archive

Occasional rants about Tolkien and fanfiction, and site update notes.

Biggest Site Update Ever! Also, Go To Worldcon - About the 2009 redesign and more.

The I-Word - Thoughts about incestuous pairings in fanfiction.

Taken Seriously: The Road to Warm Beds are Good - If I had known people were going to take elf sex seriously...

Everything But The Girls - About the paucity of women in Tolkien.

Where Darkfic Comes From - And why people enjoy it.

How I Quit Worrying and Learned To Love Legolas - Once upon a time, it was embarrasing to be an adult, sensible Legolas fan. How times have changed, thanks to the Twilight fandom.

This Is For All The Fat Boys - Living large in Middle-Earth.

Ansereg as an AU Concept - In which I try to explain, and usewords like "carnivalesque."


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