Welcome to Ansereg, Tyellas' web site for mature Tolkien fans. Here you'll find one fan's writing about Tolkien's Middle-Earth, live since 2001! A fandom mathom to inspire discussion and reassure you that somebody else was asking awkward questions about orcs, too. The essays are the most frequently read content on this site, and there's also fanfiction, Tolkien fandom links, and more. Explore and have fun.

July 2019:

Ansereg lives! I'm posting an occasional Tolkien fic over at Archive of Our Own. But I'm keeping this site live - it's fandom history, and some readers still prefer it. Also, Tolkien fandom is about to get a New Zealand refresh with the Amazon TV series. What will happen next? Maybe I'll get to be an on-screen hobbit at last...


Essays by Tyellas


Tolkien-related essays and other nonfiction by Tyellas. Tolkien in general, Elves, and orcs...I read the footnotes so you don't have to.

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Fanfiction by Tyellas


Tolkien-based fanfiction in all flavors - genfic for all readers, het romances, slash passions, a shadow of darkfic, and even some satire.

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Tolkien Fandom fun


Links, fan art, and essays about Tolkien fandom. The links are the most important - find your way to your favorite part of Tolkien.

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