The Sheltering Sands

 By Tyellas

Summary: Silmarillion-based. A slash vignette in the form of a letter, inspired by the lovely Gil-Galad/Elrond slash story "Will I Always Be?" by Elwing and Claudio. Featuring, no surprise, more Gil-Galad and Elrond. And what's an Elwing fan story without sex on the beach?

Story Warnings: NC-17, slash, graphic sex.

Disclaimer: These characters and Middle-Earth are the copyright of the Tolkien estate and this fan fiction is not meant to infringe on that copyright in any way.


From Pengolod of Lindon to Erestor of Ost-in-Edhil, greetings and good wishes.

Many thanks for your letter, and I hope my own letter finds you well. It is good to hear that a new elf-realm is established in Eregion, and that they have been wise enough to appoint you the chief of their loremasters. To my shame, the book I promised you is not yet ready. I am behind as ever in the writing I do after my day's labours. In the meantime I send some of the news of Lindon, for your reading only; gossip about Gil-Galad and his favourite, Elrond. Such I owe you after your detailed news of the Mírdain at their sport. Forgive the coarseness of the reed-paper on which I write. The tale I have for you is long, and I hope the words of it are artful enough.

To answer your question, Elrond remains the favourite of our High King, Gil-Galad.  I do not know why they should be sundered, for they have had no quarrel.  You know they took to each other after the War of the Jewels, having met when Elrond wished to dwell near the Sea. Elrond was a lad then, and Gil-Galad took him under his wing as a friend. We are among the few who know the true depth their friendship has gained with time and Elrond's manhood. It remains a very warrior's passion, I assure you, and I may confirm this beyond rumour. They are discreet, but I am as well. Fate conspired so that I espied their most heated embraces. I can picture you raising one of your eyebrows at that, my friend. You will understand me when the tale is done.

Two weeks ago, the weather was mild and bright enough that all us loremasters bethought errands that needed doing outdoors.  I was gathering the reeds for this paper down on the salt-marshes of the Firth of Lindon. I waded on the marshy side of a small inlet, amongst the reeds, when I saw our King, Gil-Galad, on the other side, heading along a spur of sand and sea-grass curved out into the water. Elrond was with him.

Well do I see whereby Gil-Galad might be seduced by Elrond, for the man of the Halfelven is handsome and graceful. From the distance I marked his long, easy stride as he explored the spur ahead of Gil-Galad, walking back to him, then exploring further again. Gil-Galad, the same height but greater strength, ambled at a steady pace. I could tell by his smile when the younger fellow went ahead that he admired Elrond's back as much as his front. Elrond was attired in simple grey, feet bare upon the sand, as if he had planned an escape to the beach. Gil-Galad's robes were rich, and by this I guessed that Elrond had persuaded him away from duty unexpectedly. 

I thought to hail them, but before I could, they turned to each other in an embrace that showed they sought the refuge of lovers amongst the sheltering sands. It was not my intent to spy longer. However, between the rising tide and the spur on which they sported, I found myself trapped. The inlet was small enough that I could hear their words clearly, and so too they might hear me splashing as I left the rising water. I decided to stay still and hid amongst the reeds. Looking up to see if they made ready to move on, I saw that this was not the case at all. "This is the place," I heard Elrond say, and he took off his tunic. "You wait here, and I will bring them to you."

Elrond stripped naked before Gil-Galad's open look. He set aside some of his pride with the clothes, taking on the quickness of a lad again. Swift as a gull, he dove into the inlet's water and out to some stones, then returned bringing some oysters as his prize. He knelt and shucked them using two rocks. A pretty contrast it was; the lithe man natural and artful upon the sand, watched by an elf-lord in the noblest array. Gil-Galad was aware of this. He sighed, then said to his friend, "Thus the simple folk must have dwelt on the edge of the Sea, before they went to Aman." Elrond looked at him with care, and asked if Gil-Galad ever rued his kingship. Our lord, of course, said, "No. It is a hard road, but for me, it is good to be king."

Elrond replied, "I would not be a king, although my twin Elros would. I chose the life of the Eldar because...I simply wanted to be." Elrond looked down for a moment. "And because of my love of the Eldar," he added. Gil-Galad went to him then, and rested a hand on his shoulder, and said that love was returned; and they kissed.

What a kiss! Long, deep, fluid; by the end of it Elrond had swayed to his feet and cast his arms around Gil-Galad. Our king was like to ravish the younger fellow then and there, but Elrond turned away, laughing. "Not yet! I did not dive for nothing! Let us see if the shell-fish are less quick, now," he said. "I love the taste of them, but it makes me sad to think that I kill them in the very act of eating them." He prodded at one, then offered it to Gil-Galad with a satisfied look. Gil-Galad joined him, smiling at his kindness, and they took turns feeding each other the slippery, salty sea-creatures.

"Do you favour these because they remind you of something?" asked Gil-Galad, all mischief. Elrond actually flushed at that, and gasped when our lord ran his hand down to his exposed loins. He managed to nod in reply, even as he quickened at Gil-Galad's teasing. Melting at his lover's touch, he let Gil-Galad press him down to the sand. Gil-Galad toyed with his chest, stroking the shadow-patches of hair there and rolling his nipples between commanding fingers.

Elrond writhed on the sand, breathing hard in pleasure, then half raised himself. "It's getting everywhere!"

"What is?" asked Gil-Galad.

"The sand!" Elrond knelt up so that Gil-Galad might pleasure him more, and I saw the yellow sand gilding his croup and thighs. Gil-Galad brushed him clean with lingering strokes, taking fine care with the cleft of his arse. The younger man, most visibly aroused, reached for Gil-Galad's clothed groin. "I want you - right now!" he demanded, working to undo Gil-Galad's clothes.

As Elrond stripped him free of his cloak and tunic, Gil-Galad looked out over the yellow beaches narrowing against the waves. "The tide is rising. We must be quick, or else we will be mating in the water, like the fish themselves!" (Myself, I was now up to my thighs amongst sandy mud in the reeds. I prayed that Oromë would send them haste indeed, so that I did not need to choose between drowning and perishing of embarrassment.)

Elrond frowned in disappointment. "Curse the tide. I love it when you take a long time, dear lord. A very, very long time."

Gil-Galad looked at him adoringly. "I like nothing better, sweet boy. But a few bites of you is better than naught by a long shot. Stand up so that I can admire you."

Very fair was Elrond as the breeze took him, his long hair flying as gracefully as the reeds. Even leaves of sea-grass caught by the wind were drawn to caress his body, tracing dry and golden along his muscles. Gil-Galad mirrored the wind, reaching up from kneeling to stroke him. Our king's touch stroked along his thighs and behind, then he pulled the young man's loins to him. Gil-Galad spoke to Elrond as if he were still the boy who had caught his eye years past. Such was their lovers' game. For all that, Elrond is no mere lad, slim but strong, and well-endowed.

Gil-Galad caught that fine endowment between his lips and laved it with all the caresses one elf-man's mouth can offer. He reached down with one hand into his undone breeches so that he could work his own cock. My view was perfect, and they were silhouetted clear against the sky and reeds. Gil-Galad was still proud even as he knelt servicing in the sand, while Elrond arched stiff with delight, moaning a song of endearment and utter surrender.

I heard Elrond begin to stammer, and toss his head so that his hair flew wild in the wind. His knees bowed, and Gil-Galad reached behind to support him with his strong free arm. Our lord's self-control was superb, to manage so many tasks of lust at one time. Gil-Galad pulled back to say, "Now, I want you to come for me, to fill my mouth with your love. For me, darling boy," and he nigh swallowed Elrond's hard rod again. Of course that command could never be resisted. Elrond bucked and spent, then sank to his knees, face to face with Gil-Galad. Our lord was near his own peak, and clasped Elrond's body in his free arm, bowing his head to the broad young shoulder, whispering words of desire that the wind brought to me. "Beautiful one, beloved one, let me feel you. I shall possess you tonight, take you to your very depths," said Gil-Galad, as he crushed his lover to him, all fierce heat.

Embracing our king, Elrond replied, "Yes, I want you to, I want you to take me, to have me so deep and close. I love it so." Gil-Galad came at that, spilling himself over Elrond's flushed skin. They both groaned in bliss, and stayed kneeling close for a moment. There was no sound but the wind in the reeds. Even the tide's rise was still, as if Ossë had mercy on their passion. 

Soon after, they arose, and Elrond cleaned himself in the cool sea-water, laughing as he did so. "Dress swiftly," Gil-Galad said, handing Elrond his own king's cloak so that he might dry himself. "We must return. It is a fine thing to play at being free Sea-elves, but duty calls." Elrond grumbled and dressed, and let Gil-Galad straighten out his disordered hair. When Elrond turned aside for a last look at the ocean, Gil-Galad pocketed one of the oyster-shells, and his look was very sad. Did he then rue that they were constrained by duty? I think so. I do not like to say that I pitied one so noble and capable, but I felt his pain. When Elrond turned back, they left swiftly, speaking last words as lovers, heard only by the airs, the waters, and me. Gil-Galad has less art of stealth than some elves, and I heard the reeds rustle at his passing.

Once their affectionate banter was in the distance, I extracted myself from the water, and shook off the infant crabs that had decided my belt was a fine place to cling. Ossë's mercy did not extend to me! The tide rose swift and cold after their passing, and the sky clouded over. The chill of the water kept me modest, I am glad to say. As I walked, I thought me of the scandal if they had been discovered by less sympathetic eyes. You and I, we are sophisticates, but many of the folk here are less understanding of the needs of exile.

The next day, I commented to Elrond that I had walked along the coast yester-eve on a humble errand, and I had thought I heard his voice. Taken aback, he said that he had been walking there, and asked what I had heard. I dissimulated, saying that his voice had been very distant, even admitting that sound plays tricks along the windy beaches. Hopefully this will suffice and they will be more discreet in the future, and thus able to continue their pleasures.

I look over this before I seal it - and it is not the match of your tale, I fear. Still, I hope there may be some diversion in it for you, and that you are encouraged to write me again.

Manwë keep you under the One, and send good fortune to your new ventures.


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