Fan Artist Hope Hoover Seriously Ill - Kia Kaha!

I’d like to express my condolences and good wishes to Tolkien fandom artist Hope Hoover, who is seriously ill and unable to take commissions. I was made aware of this in October of 2014– she’s been unwell off and on since September 2014 and is so ill she’s not replying to emails and has withdrawn from most social media.

Pieces she did for me in the past - for a zine cover:

Lovely art by Hope Hoover

And for an event poster:

Another fine piece by Hope Hoover for a cabaret show!

Absolutely breathtaking.

Those of us in the Tolkien fancom were all thrilled when Hope made a splendid transition from fan artist to professional artist and had been working on game art, book covers, and comics. Here’s hoping she recovers and continues to grace us all with her art. Kia kaha, Hope!