Early Thaw

 By Tyellas

Summary: A vignette. The twins' careers, and Elrohir tries to persuade Elladan to a new pleasure. Rated NC-17, incest warning, slash. Slots between two stories in the "Star-Crossed" story arc, To Drive the Cold Winter Away and Spring of Peace.

Story Warnings: Slash, Incest, Graphic Sex. Rating NC-17.

Disclaimer: These characters and Middle-Earth are the copyright of the Tolkien estate and this fan fiction is not meant to infringe on that copyright in any way.

Thanks to beta readers Suzana and Aayesha.


When the icy heart of winter came down, the twin sons of Elrond gave up their orc-hunting for a time, before the hard-riding season of early spring. The two were newly become lovers that winter season. To keep the secret of it while indulging in their fervent new passion, they had ridden far from Rivendell as long as they dared. The weather and lack of provision had driven them back at last.

Snow muffled Rivendell that night. Elrohir stepped over the white land less lightly than a fully-elven person, but he still left only the shallowest footprints. Beneath a snow-draped pine, he paused to strengthen his will for his errand. It was difficult to speak of matters of lust to someone dear, and never more so than when there was an imbalance to resolve. In his mind, he ordered the words he planned to say to Elladan, if he might.

When he walked on, it was not far to the Last Homely House. Elrohir peered in through one of the few glassed windows, on the ground floor near the library. Inside the room, Elladan was intensely scribing a scroll laid flat, wearing a faded, ink-stained tunic and a concentrated face of solitude. Elrohir felt a touch of guilt as he watched Elladan working; for he had been rather idle that day. He decided to see how Elladan endured his interruption before he spoke of desire. If the timing was ill, he would return to it later.

Hunter-silent, he went away from the window and entered the Homely House. At the door of Elladan's chamber, a former library study, he did not knock until he heard a chair move.

Elladan looked irritated at first when he opened the door, but softened immediately when he saw it was Elrohir. "Come in, although you will find little comfort here - I have forgotten to light the fire. Let me complete this, and I shall light it." Elrohir came in quietly and watched as Elladan finished the scroll. The room was dominated by a wide oak table neatly stacked with books and papers. There was a curtained bed crammed to one side, a wardrobe, and two wooden chairs in front of a small grated fireplace. The only sign of privilege to the room was that it was where Elladan wished it to be.

Elrohir went to light the fire, but before he could crush a piece of waste-paper for tinder, Elladan cried with a start, "No, not that sheet! Nor that one, either. Once I close the inks I shall light it."

"I am sorry, brother; it looked like refuse." Elrohir hung his cloak on a hook and sat down in the wider one of the chairs, deciding to touch nothing further. Elladan closed the inks and tested each one to make sure it was sealed, then wiped the valuable metal pen-tips and ordered the tools of calligraphy in a tray. Elrohir contrasted the table before him with his own skills at stable-managing and horse-doctoring, which had made him at ease with every extreme of blood and dirt. Watching, he began to understand Elladan's fastidiousness in all things. "You must be the most orderly of our seven loremasters here in Rivendell," he said.

Elladan laughed. "Oh, not I; I am the sloven amongst them. Erestor will not even have drinking water in the same room as his work-table, but I am not so strict." He poured his brother some hard cider, then lit the fire at last. For a time, they talked of Elladan's work, then of their oath. It was agreed that they would ride out on errantry again when the freeze lifted. The hungry early Spring would be a good time to try and clear the Troll-shaws of some of their evil creatures.

Elrohir ran his finger around the edge of his cup. "Will it not be warmer in here if you draw the curtain?" Elladan took the hint with a broad smile, locking the door as well. A locking door was unusual among the dwellings of the honest Elves. If Elladan's door was locked, he had the excuse of working at some art of thought that could not be interrupted. Only once or twice since their return to Rivendell had the twins dared to lock that door together. Elrohir relaxed when he heard the click of the lock, and resolved to speak as he had planned.

When Elladan came back to the fire, Elrohir had drawn the second chair up close beside him, so that the two might lean in and embrace each other in the warmth.

"Your mood is commanding tonight, to order me about," said Elladan lightly, as Elrohir slid an arm around his shoulders.

"I asked you only because I do not dare to touch anything in this room, apart from you," said Elrohir, directly in his ear. "May I talk to you?"

Elladan leaned closer. "Is something amiss?" he asked, half-whispering himself.

"I cannot bear that you have any distress in my arms, or from my caresses. There is something I care for greatly that you like not. I sought to ask if you might hear me, and see if you might turn to it at least a little." Elrohir did not like the stiffness in his voice at his prepared speech, but Elladan did not seem to notice.

"Elrohir. You have never said nay to me in any of my wishes of the body. What have I refused you?" Elladan moved his own arm to embrace Elrohir as he spoke.

"Nothing, yet I can tell you dislike one thing. Perhaps it is a little thing. You shrink away from the seed of a man's lust fulfilled, from its taste or touch."

Elrohir stiffened and drew back, gazing at the fire. "It is not you. I never cared for it with anyone. Not even myself alone."

Elrohir looked ruefully at the meticulous work-table, then reached over and stroked Elladan's crotch, whispering softly. "I count it one of the greatest pleasures of love. Especially with you. Can I show you how it might be?" 

Elladan sighed. When his other lovers had sought to bring down some barrier of his, he had felt that they battened at him for the sake of conquest, so that they might say they had gained a passionate triumph over Elrond's son. But Elrohir was his brother. As they felt their way among their hidden lusts, Elrohir's requests were always tentative, as if he feared that he might ask too much. Even though the back of Elladan's throat contracted at the thought of what his brother asked of him, his heart was moved. Between the two he steeled his pride. "I will see if you can persuade me to your pleasure," Elladan said, bowing his head against Elrohir's shoulder. "Shall I kneel before you as you sit?"

"No, no! Or only if you wish to. You might stand behind and above me just as well for what I shall do. I like it when you watch me," murmured Elrohir. He undid his winter over-tunic and unlaced the front of his leggings. Elladan, intrigued, went and stood close behind his seated brother, placing both hands on Elrohir's shoulders.

Elrohir leaned his head back into Elladan's hips as he worked his own cock hard, stroking his face against his brother's loins. "You're growing hard too, I like that."

"Silence," said Elladan, softly. "We must be quiet, here." Even as he spoke, Elrohir felt Elladan's cock grow firmer yet. He pressed his face against the area even more, caressing himself all the while. Some elf-men had members that dripped like fountains with teasing liquid before they came, but both Elrohir and Elladan tended to be dry and velvety until they spent. At last Elrohir milked himself of a few pearly-clear drops, catching them on his fingers.

He lifted his friction-heated hand to Elladan. "Here. Taste this; just a small touch of it."  Elladan drew the warm hand up to him and lapped at the proffered fingers. Elrohir rocked back in the chair when Elladan did not only lick, but took the fingers into his mouth, drawing on them.

When Elladan stopped, Elrohir began to stroke himself fervently again. Elladan said, "That first taste, I never minded, I confess." His own cock was pulsing to be touched, so he undid his own garments and came to kneel before Elrohir. Elladan began to caress himself, then leaned in to take Elrohir's shaft in his mouth.

"Do not," said Elrohir. "Your loremaster's tongue is too canny at that art! I cannot hold back when you take me so. Wait. Only the thought of you doing so, your mouth on my cock, ah, Valar--"

Elladan laughed a little. "When you deny it to me, that makes me crave it. Are you sure?" In response to that, and to Elladan's hungry look, Elrohir bent over nearly double as he emptied himself into one hand. Still breathing hard, Elrohir dipped the fingers of his other hand into the slithery wetness he held, and proffered a hand to Elladan again.

Again Elladan took the moistened fingers in his mouth. Perhaps it was the very slightness of it, or the fact that he had but moments before hungered to suck Elrohir down to the root, but the salty bitterness was bearable. "Is it so bad?" Elrohir asked, taking his hand back.

Elladan shook his head, and Elrohir repeated the offering gesture. Elladan licked at it again, and then a third time, taking the fingers in more quickly and laving them longer. "Do you think you might be a little fonder of this for me?" asked Elrohir. Elladan nodded, touched deeply by Elrohir's subtlety. Small wonder, Elladan thought, that Elrohir could coax half-wild colts into serving as elf-steeds without saddle or harness. He smiled at that, then started back in delicious shock as Elrohir reached down and started stroking Elladan's cock with his wet hand, where the fluid was still cupped and warm.

"You almost hit the fire-grate!" Elrohir said. "Sit up here." With some awkwardness, they switched places. Then Elrohir, gently domineering even as he knelt, turned to take for himself what he had denied his brother.

Elladan pulsed his hips without thought as the wet heat of Elrohir's mouth took him in. He felt his twin's lips sliding up and down his shaft, Elrohir drinking his own come back in. "Too artful yourself, at this," Elladan gasped. As the head of his cock rolled over Elrohir's caressing tongue, he came in turn.

After one thorough swallow of the dear, hot fluid, Elrohir stood halfway up and kissed his twin on the lips. Elrohir only half-mouthed gently, until Elladan tilted his jaw up to meet him and darted his own tongue out. The taste of their mingled seed haunted the kiss, diluted by the neutral warmth of their mouths. They groaned into each other. Elladan tilted his body sideways so that Elrohir could jam himself into the chair beside him. Once their passion was spent, this was always their urge; to be as close together as possible.

"Was that too much?" asked Elrohir.

"No," said Elladan. "You are very convincing. I must debate the merits of this with you more often, I think."

Elrohir looked up as a hissing sound came from the fireplace. "It must snow or sleet down outside."

"Stay here the night through, then," said Elladan. "If anyone comes, simply stay behind the bed-curtains. I never thought my bed would be colder than sleeping on the ground in the wild, until I lay between the sheets without you."

"Then why are we still crammed into this chair?"  Elrohir levered himself out. "I shall slip out to aid the stables at dawn, and none will be the wiser that I was here. If we are to sleep in comfort in a bed, for once, let us not waste a moment of it!"  


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